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Hey! wow this is a good community. i'm glad someone thought of it. here's my

Name: Lisa Pienda
Grade/Age: I'm a junior, 16. Woot woot ^.^
School Name: Riverside high school!
Mascot and Colors: Ranger, and texas orange, Navy blue ,and white!
How are you involved in StuCo?(positions, jobs, etc.): with stu-co i've been member of the year...and this year i'm hoping to be it again. *crosses her fingers* no positions...cuz i'm been fucked and stupid people who don't even care as mush as i do win....grrr. :<
Other School related Activities that you're involved in: Band, historian there, drumline, i'm really invovled. with my class i've been VP, Treasurer (this year) and parlimentarian. theater club, been in 2 plays and helped out with many more.
One Cool thing that your council does: I think homecoming is a really cool, what we do during those days...makes it worth coming to school. *tear*....j/k :P
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