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Name: Erynn D. Woolridge
Grade/Age: Level III (senior), 17 years of age.
School Name: Booth Memorial Hgih
Mascot and Colors: Booth Braves (indian thing?) and Red, Black, Grey.
How are you involved in StuCo?(positions, jobs, etc.): Started in level II, as a level II rep. This year I'm running for Student Body President (which I need a little help for in a second..)
Other School related Activities that you're involved in: Cheerleading, captain of Rugby team, soccer, jazz band, chamber choir, grad comittee, track team, improv team, drama club, playwrite comittee
One Cool thing that your council does: We don't do much that's really cool. That's why I want to be president so bad because what I say goes.
This year I want to have a lu-au (spelling?) instead of the anual spring bbq, and themed dances instead of regular ones and a snow machine at our winter formal.

BUT I have this problem.
There's a guy who's never been on council before running for President as well (with a guy who rarely even opens his mouth). He has openly said he is doing it for the title, but is bound to have an outrageous campaign anyway. But in all seriousnes, if he really cared about the welfare of the school... he'd have been on council previously.
(I couldn't run in level I, due to being in hospital with an eating disorder.)
Last year, our council got nothing done, because our student body president was a lazy ass who did it for the title and had an outrageous campaign. He got voted in and that was that, and we did nothing all yaer, and it was a shitty year for the school.

But these are things we can't really say in our platform speech, or on our posters.

Now this is happening all over again.
And since I'm a senior, making this my last year, I WANT TO MAKE THIS YEAR WORTH IT for my graduating class, and everyone else in the school.
I've got more ideas than just dances and lu-aus.
But ideas for spirit week.
And just random school activities throughout the year to keep the school in check with school spirit.

But again he's making it difficult. He's been keeping a tab on EVERYONE I talk to, and then when we're done speaking, he asks what I've asked htem about campaigns, ect.

We've got 10 minutes during one lunch time to do ANYTHING we want, and five minutes for a platform speech, and two weeks for all around campaigning.

I need ideas, support, stories and anything you can offer.
(Like ideas for posters and talking to people.)

Because unlike some people, WE WANT WHAT'S BEST FOR THE SCHOOL
Erin & Marie '05-'06.
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