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stuco_rocks's Journal

Council Kids
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Are you in student council? Do you enjoy working on school activities? Are you a student leader? This community is for you!

intheshadows04 and harrypottergrl are your moderaters, we both go to Churchill highschool and are members of the Senior Class Council, Historian and Treasurer. We are CrAzY about student council and we love to do things after school for it:). Also we are both the new WLAA ambassodors for our school. We created this community for student council people or any other people to write ideas in AND to give people an opportunity to meet other people in student council.

After Joining, Please Post your responses too this survey. That way, you'll have something to say right away and we will all know more about each other. It will also help us to start some discussion! Have fun...

School Name:
Mascot and Colors:
How are you involved in StuCo?(positions, jobs, etc.):
Other School related Activities that you're involved in:
One Cool thing that your council does:

Thanks and hope to see you soon!